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God, It's Broke. Fix It!

Posted by Mark on February 15, 2018

In one of the greatest movies ever (It's a Wonderful Life), George Bailey's sick daughter Zuzu shows him a rose she got from her teacher. But in the process of showing him, a number of petals fall off. She cries, "Look, Daddy! Paste it!" How many times have we wanted God the Father to "fix" something that was broken in our lives and world? Let's look at that.

New Year's Renovations?

Posted by Mark on January 10, 2018

"I think someone should develop another home renovation or house flipping show" ... said no one ever. Even my dad can say, "Get rid of the popcorn ceiling" and "I think we need some shiplap"! (That along with "I'll Google it" ... from the man who doesn't even own or know how to operate a computer, iPad, or cell phone!) Still, we need to talk about some renovation advice.

Christmas Lover, Hater, or In-Betweener

Posted by Mark on December 23, 2017

I know people who are like Buddy in "Elf"; they don't think it possible to do too much for Christmas (and it is never too early to start decorating or listening to Christmas music). I also know some Scrooges who start dreading Christmas eleven months before it arrives. Most of us "normal" people are somewhere in-between. Let's connect those to "the first Christmas."

Extreme Errors

Posted by Mark on November 30, 2017

Does the title bring anything to mind in your life? (Might be a great source of stories for a sermon series!) (Some might think my sermons belong in the category.) "Extreme errors" might make you think of errors so obvious, everyone sees them ... like dropping a game winning pass in the end zone (Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XIII) or a fly ball that costs a team the World Series (Texas Rangers). That is not what I'm talking about.